Chiropractic Testimonials

"She is amazing. Felt relief right away."
- Lori Beth C.

"Dr. Hodne provides quality care in a comfortable setting -- no stuffy, hospital-feel, and no agonizing waits (she is actually considerate of MY time). She seems to genuinely care about my injuries and customizes her treatment for what works best for ME. I trust her opinion as I've seen her for different types of injuries and know she has lots of experience. She was prepared to treat me each time and I've had successful recoveries --far quicker than I anticipated. Another bonus - Dr. Hodne does NOT rush you out the door as I've had happen in other chiro offices --to me that was a telltale sign that she cares more about the patient than anything else which is just what I expect from my doctors."
- Sarah G.M.

"First time in years that i’ve seen a chiropractor. I found Dr. Hodne to take time on first visit with full questionare. My adjustment went well. I highly recommend her, she is intellect and compassionate."
- Barbara K.

"Without Dr. Hodne, I would be in pain and not able to carry on normal daily activities without back pain. She always fits me in if I need an emergency adjustment. Since seeing her, my back problems have really improved. Which in turn has made the quality of my life much better. Thank you Dr. Hodne!"
- Lea B.W.

"After weeks of lower back pain and unable to workout, I decided to try a chiropractor. I came across Beacon Family Chiropractic and felt 10x better than I had when I walked through the door. I even went back to the gym 2 days later. Professional, family-oriented care! I am so happy with how I feel thanks to Dr. Hodne!"
- Jessica S.


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